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I self debrief !
I empower !

We believe that self recognition generate huge energy. Built in "lean startup" mode by Fred and Mat.

When and where I want, I debrief what is important for me
Taking 1 to 1 time to exchange, debrief and prioritize
Individual energy contributes to performances

It's easy !

  1. The employee fill the form to prepare the appointement.
  2. His boss read the questionnaire and prepare his answers.
  3. They have an appointment to discuss about the topics they have prepared.
Why have we developed Backfeed?

We believe that the effectiveness of a company is closely linked to the welfare of its employees, and that well-being depends on good communication between a team and its boss.

Backfeed was developed on practices of individual and appraisal interview that have contribute to human and economic success of a group of 60,000 people for 30 years, ranking 4th in the "Best Place to Work" in 2014 (Decathlon).

Our desire by digitizing these practices in a simple and open tool is to allow other companies to apply an energizing management to improve efficiency.

Is it free ?


Backfeed undertakes to leave free all the base functionalities: ascent of lifts to his manager, manager reactions and interactive exchange, task management, access to archives and its team ...

However, Backfeed may one day offer a premium version, payable, expanded with statistics, customization of the tool to the company needs, hierarchical data visibility ...

What about confidentiality ?

What is said between an employee and his manager remains confidential.

Only hierarchy can access the exchange in order to the manage the manager or make the transition when switching manager.

Email addresses are also visible only by the hierarchy.

Backfeed does not use your information for any purpose of any kind.

Just answer to question "Would you advise a friend to use Backfeed ?" may be used or diffused.

Where is mobile app ?

Backfeed is very proud to listen to the needs of users and to constantly adapt its tool based on feedback and suggestions.

This choice implies that the tool is constantly evolving.

We would lose more responsive if we had to maintain multiple versions of the tool.

We therefore opted for a web version is compatible with any device.

This technique allows you to take pictures and voice to dictate your comments from your smartphone or tablet via the microphone button on the keyboard of your device.

Android, iOS, and WindowsMobile allow you to add shortcuts to websites on your desktop.

How can I convert my copany to Backfeed ?

If you're the employee, send a backfeed to your manager (your feelings).

He will answer you and together you will discuss the relevance of the tool.

If you are a boss, ask a collaborator to send you his feelings truly playing the game.

After this first test, you can invite other employees to do the same process from the menu "My collaborators", and you can follow if your managers process the same way with their teams.

I do not see the point

Any responsible for big or small team has interest in maintaining the motivation of his troops for their well-being and the profitability of the company.

But ... There are so many sources of misunderstanding or question which impact our energy every day : a poorly advertised recruitment, a need for training not expressed, dismissal anticipated lay-off, a misunderstanding of expectations of a manager, a misunderstanding of the context of life of an employee ...

With its simple and regular process of personnal interview, Backfeed give rise and enhance dialogue between a manager and his staff.

Backfeed comes from Decathlon management, 4<sup>th</sup> best place to work in the world. Our solution will improve the quality of relationships and efficiency in your business.

In my company, we do individual exchanges on paper

Backfeed team also did before switching to digital.

You took the crease to communicate in business through personal interviews (motivation, appraisal, rating...) it's essential.

In use, we identified clear advantages for our digital tool:

  • Visibility to hierarchy enables to form a new manager
  • Archiving guarantees not to lose any notebook
  • Each actor can access any time to the exchange: employee, manager and hierarchy
  • Input is much faster, and especially when using voice recognition
  • Playful ergonomics lead us away from the office
  • You can attach photos of what has been done or found
  • Reminders remember you to make the exchange
  • Statistics ensure that each collaborator do a regular exchange
If I plan stop using Backfeed ?

On demand, users may receive their archived backfeeds as PDF files.

Meet the team
bureaux de O'tera
1 rue Louis Constant
59650 Villeneuve d'Ascq

Felle free to contact us for any question !

And if someday you come to France, we'll be pleased to share a good coffe with you !

Matthieu Leclercq
Frédéric Declercq
Legal Notice
Terms of Service

These conditions are concluded between any inertnet user of the webapp (hereinafter referred to as «User») and the webapp associated to «» website operated by the Feedback company, Stock Company with a capital of 100 000 euros, registered on the RCS Lille Metropole under the number 804 918 175 and whose registered office is located at 1 rue Louis Constant, 59650 Villeneuve d'Ascq, France; hereinafter referred as «WebApp» or «Backfeed».

The WebApp is available on «» website and accessible mainly from URL and allowing users to benefit from the features described in Article 2.

Feedback company restricts the use of the WebApp to identified users using it in a normal frequency for managerial goals. A wrong use or access of the WebApp is strictly prohibited for any natural or legal person using the WebApp for any purpose but managerial.

For the purposes hereof, the term of «Usage» includes all operations performed by the User from access to the WebApp, including its simple consultation, regardless of the access device (eg, computer, tablet and smartphone), connection type (private connection, connection of a third party or public wi-fi) and place of connection (from France or abroad).

Using the WebApp implies acceptance of these terms and conditions by the User. These conditions may be subject to changes. Therefore, it is understood that the applicable conditions are those in effect on the WebApp at the time of use.

The term of «Collaborator» means any user who accountable to a hierarchy. The term of «Manager» means the direct responsibility of the Collaborator at the time of the input. The term of «Hierarchy» means recursively Manager of Managers at the time of an input.

Features offered by the WebApp

The WebApp enables the User:

  • to formalize and plan his managerial exchanges with his Manager
  • to receive a copy of its exchange in a PDF format
  • to consult his previous exchanges
  • to manage his priorities
  • to consult his statistics and those of his Manager
  • to edit his personal data (preferences, Manager change or married name)
  • to communicate directly with the authors of the application
  • to translate the application (excluding French and English, and subject to permission of Feedback)

The WebApp enables Manager, in addition to the features it offers as a User:

  • to formalize and plan his managerial exchanges with his direct Collaborators
  • to receive a copy of the exchange of his direct Collaborators in a PDF format
  • to consult previous exchanges he conducted himself with his current and previous Collaborators
  • to manage the sticking points of his current Collaborators
  • to view statistics of its current Collaborators
  • to manage the composition of his direct team of Contributors

The WebApp enables the Hierarchy, in addition to the features it offers as a Manager and as a User:

  • to view previous exchanges made by its current indirect Employees (done as a Manager or as a Collaborator)
  • to optionally be copied of the exchanges done as a Manager by his direct Collaborators in a PDF format in order to train his Collaborators-Managers to managerial functions

Backfeed having a process of constant improvement, the list of features described above can increase rapidly especially with the management of User's personal project, planning or any other managerial purposes.

Terms of use

The WebApp is for adults being a private person and for minors holders of a parental permission. In any event, the Feedback company encourages anyone with responsibility for a minor to control his WebApp use.

Access to the WebApp is conditional on the creation of an account requiring the communication by the User of information to identify, and a way to contact the Manager (his email address).

Data is stored and processed on French soil. Using the WebApp, the User agrees to be responsible for compliance with French law and respect the laws of his country for any filing of personal data or Content deposit.

Under the provisions of the French Act on Confidence in the Digital Economy (LCEN) of 6 August 2004 amended, the Feedback company has a legal obligation to collect and keep these identification data.

The User agrees to provide accurate and complete information about his identity and agrees not to impersonate any third party. Otherwise, the WebApp may not to confirm, suspend or delete the account.

Content deposit throught WebApp

During exchanges between Collaborator and Manager, each party will be called to speak freely through rates, comments or pictures.

For purposes herein, «Content» will define any item submitted by the User in the WebApp, such as text, commentary, picture, photo, video, link to another website, or any file type watever its content or form.

The User is responsible for anything that may occur in its name and from his computer terminal. The User agrees to abide by French laws and those of his country regarding the personal data entry, especially those considered as emotive (race, religion, sexuality ...). No input being mandatory, the Feedback company disclaims any responsibility for the contents posted by the User, and reserves the right to remove any content that would be the subject of a complaint.

The User agrees to immediately notify the authors of the WebApp, assuming he has a reason to believe that his nickname or email address is or can be known by an unauthorized person to use it.

The Feedback company disclaims all liability for use of personal data of a user by unauthorized third parties.

The WebApp can only be used for managerial purposes. The User may in no circumstances disclose commercial information or carry out any trade on the WebApp, in any form whatsoever and in any capacity whatsoever.

Removing content

Removing Content is solely at the discretion of the Feedback company that wants to be a trusted third party and guarantor of the rights of each party.

In normal use, the data is kept fully up to 5 years after the end of use of the WebApp by the User or by either party of a product contained in collaboration.

Feedback company may terminate any registration and/or remove any profile and/or any content and/or information published on the WebApp and/or prohibit the use and/or access to the WebApp, from knowledge of non-compliance by User of these terms and conditions or for technical reasons. This modification or deletion can be performed without notice, without prior notification or warning, at any time at the sole discretion of the Feedback company.

Through the «Contact» form, each user can notify the Feedback company, enclosing all the information required to process his request, of a published content is deemed in violation of these Terms of Service.

Any claim based and legitimate will be processed promptly by the Feedback company without ensuring an immediate removal of access to the content, the User acknowledges that the Feedback company could not engage any responsibility in this regard, especially because of the time needed to process the application, technical constraint or physical impossibility to respond particularly in the case where the Content would have been taken by third parties.

Behavior on the WebApp

The User agrees not to include:

  • Committing any illegal jeopardizes
  • Extract or collect personal data of users of the WebApp by any means
  • Extract, register or use, for other purposes than displaying while browsing this application, third-party content subject to intellectual property rights relating to privacy, personal data or image rights
  • Store, distribute or publish any unlawful, harmful, abusive, racist, hateful, revisionist, indecent, invasive of privacy or affecting the private rights of third parties, including image rights of people and goods, intellectual property rights or the right to respect for private life.
  • Store, distribute or publish any information to reveal, directly or indirectly, political opinion, philosophical or religious, his union membership, their health status or sexual orientation
  • Add content for the account of third
  • Impersonate third and/or publish any personal information to third
  • Store, distribute or publish any content that may infringe, directly or indirectly, the interests of the Feedback company

In general, the User agrees to refrain from any behavior contrary to the ethics or values ​​and interests of the Feedback company

Intellectual property

Content posted by the WebApp

Content inherent to the operation of the WebApp is subject to property rights and protected under intellectual property, including copyrights, designs, trademarks, domain names, patents, know-how, software or databases data. Feedback company remains the owner of all such content and associated rights.

On these content, the Feedback company grants Users a limited, non-exclusive, revocable, without the right to sublicense, for simple access, navigation and use related to the WebApp. This license does not grant Users any other rights, especially no right of commercial exploitation of such Content.

Content posted by Users

All content (including text, comments, files, images, photos, video, works, etc ...), possibly subject to property rights, intellectual property, image rights or other private law remain the property of the User, subject to limited rights granted by the license defined below to the Feedback company.

Users are free to publish or not such Content on the WebApp and accept that these Contents are communicated to their Manager and their Hierarchy and searchable and editable for maintenance needs by the Feedback company.

They acknowledge, agree and guarantee to have all the rights and permissions to such publication on the WebApp, especially under current legislation and the rights to respect for private life, property, property intellectual, like, contracts or any other kind.

By such publication on the WebApp, Users are aware of their liability as a publisher of Content within the meaning of the law, and agree on the said Content, for the duration of publication, to the Feedback company, a non-exclusive, free, worldwide, including reproduction rights, representation, loading, displaying, running, transmission, storage, and to sublicense such other Users of the WebApp in the Hierarchy of the User, or direct Collaborators of Manager when depositing content.

Users also allow their name to be associated with the Content and agree that this association is not always made.

The User also agrees that his first name, initials of his last name and his photo (if defined) to be published by the Feedback company in the WebApp or on the «» website for purposes rendered statistics, scoring or publishing feelings related to the tool.

The WebApp also reserves the right to publish on the internet the latter Users felts for this tool, namely their rate and comments requested at the end of each exchange by an explicit question like «Would you recommend Backfeed to a friend?»

The User, by answering this question accepts the publication of his reply on the website «» accompanied by his first name, the initials of his last name and his photo if defined.


Responsabilities for Feedback

Consultation and use of the WebApp is under the responsibility of the User. The WebApp can host links to third party websites. By clicking on these links, the User acknowledges that Feedback can not guarantee the content of these, and therefore accept to access it at your own risk. Accordingly, Feedback can not be held liable for damages resulting from the access and/or use of the WebApp and the information it contains. The User is also informed that the Feedback company may have to interrupt access to the WebApp for technical reasons, particularly for reasons of maintenance. The User accepts these interruptions and waives any claim about it.

Using the WebApp by the User implies knowledge and acceptance of the characteristics and limitations inherent to the Internet technologies, especially regarding response times to view or query the server hosting the WebApp, technical performance, risks of interruption and, more generally, any risk involved in data transmission.

Therefore, the Feedback company should in no circumstances be held responsible of this not limited list:

  • From any information accessed or input on the WebApp that would not come online
  • Any malfunction of the network preventing the smooth running of the WebApp
  • From loss of any data
  • From software malfunction
  • The consequences of any computer virus, bugs, defect or failure
  • From any damage to the User's computer

Backfeed activity is limited to link Users and host the content published by them. As the host, within the meaning of Article 6.I.2 of the Franch Act on confidence in the digital economy of the 21th June 2004 amended, the Feedback company may incur no liability for activities or content stored on the WebApp. The responsibility of Feedback is limited to that provided by 6.I.2 items and above of the mentioned Act. The Feedback company will therefore remove any illegal or clearly illegal content without warning, notice, pursuant to Article 6.I.3 of the said Act.

Consequently, the Feedback company is not required to exercise a priori control over the quality, safety, accuracy or legality of the Contents posted by Users.

Responsabilities for User

By using the WebApp, the User agrees to hold harmless the Feedback company and to ensure for any damages, costs and expenses, direct and indirect, resulting from:

  • Any claims from third parties regarding any content placed on its behalf, including violation of rights on the content published by the User on the WebApp or press offenses in connection with sent items or published on the WebApp or website
  • Any activity involving the participation on the WebApp contrary to these terms, including for fraudulent purposes
  • The violation of these Terms of the WebApp

Feedback company wishes to educate its users about the publication of contents, such as shots or pictures of other users. Feedback company attracts the attention of its users on the need to publish or share photographs, pictures or videos respectful and consistent with the ethics and values ​​of Backfeed. All non-compliant content will be systematically removed from the WebApp.

Protection of personal data

Under the French Data Protection Act of 6/01/1978 amended, the data collected on the WebApp is subject to a data processing by the Feedback company. The User has a right of access, rectification and opposition to the data processing by sending a request to Feedback company - 1 rue Louis Constant, 59650 Villeneuve d'Ascq, France (thank you attach to your request a copy of your identity card) or by visiting its PROFILE on the home page of the WebApp.

The information collected is used exclusively by the Feedback company, the Manager, the Hierarchy and as appropriate direct Collaborator, relative to the User.


If one or more provisions of the terms and conditions are declared invalid or lapsed by application of a law, regulation or following a definitive judicial or administrative decision, the other stipulations will keep their force and scope. Feedback company will do its best to proceed as soon as possible to its replacement by a valid stipulation and a nearest brought to the spirit of these.

The fact that one party has not demanded the application of any provision of these conditions, permanently or temporarily, shall under no circumstances be regarded as a waiver of such provision.

Applicable law / Disputes

These terms of service are governed by French law.


Feedback company only supports English and French languages. Users may translate themselves the WebApp in other languages upon request through the «Contact» form.

The terms of the WebApp evolving regularly, the Feedback company can not be held responsible for missing or incorrect translation in other languages than French and English.

The User acknowledges Feedback company the right to remove all or part of a translation without notice.

Any abuse or fraudulent or commercial use of the tool can be indicated by a User through the «Contact» form and can result in the deletion of translation rights for the User at the origin of that translation.

User feedbacks on Backfeed

Lifts Users done through the «Contact» form can be understood only if they are written in French or in English.

Feedback company will refuse to answer a question formulated in another language.

Similarly, the response will be as possible in the language of the request.

If you have a concern, contact us
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